Re: Paradigm shifts and B5/Trek

 Posted on 11/27/1996 by to

"I felt as if I had been *deprogrammed,* and stopped thinking of the
future in terms of that one vision of it, and being a hard scientist,
that's a pretty embarrassing admission to make. But it was stunning
to*feel* it happen to myself. After a lifetime of watching Trek as the
*only* vision of the future that most people were aware of, it's amazing
to become fully aware of the depth of the belief suspension, until it
seems like the "real" future is the one with the Crayola uniforms and the
communicators on the chest."

This was something I began to really understand during the first season,
and was something I hadn't anticipated going in. Some of the reaction
against B5 was so strong from some groups of ST wasn't just one
show vs. another, there was a vehemence in it that was coming from
something deeper.

Eventually I began to figure it out, that it was also two competing
visions of the future. I've mentioned before the angry letter I got that,
among other things, said that the person was thrown every time one of our
characters used a hand link when "everyone *knows* that by then we'll be
using chest communicators." It was a vision thing (to use a fairly recent
campaign slogan). The problem then becomes, for lack of a better term, a
religious problem...competing ideologies, notions to which one has
committed oneself. And the most heated wars are always religious wars.

It's been...interesting.