Late "Avalon" question

 Posted on 9/18/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

(blocked) asks:
> so does this mean that there are really no loose ends on B5?
> only things that you are still thinking about??
> Do you know how this kind of thing pans out when you write it, or
> is it simply fortuitous /serendipitous? Or is there more in *you*
> than you know?!!

I try not to randomly drop in significant lines without knowing
ahead of time where it's going to go, or where it has the capacity to
go. You can't just mess with the audience that way; that was where
Twin Peaks went afoul. You just have to vary them; some things are
obviously significant, some things only become significant in hindsight
(or rerun). It's a hard dance to dance.