More Vorlon Questions !

 Posted on 8/13/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Richard Wakefield <> asks:
> Are their different sexes of Vorlon ?
> Do Vorlons have babies, if ?
> How long can the Vorlon keep his Psychic shield up ?
> And how did Kosh get to the Garden, to save Sheridan...did he
> just pass through walls..? And finally, did Vorlons "invent" the
> Angels in the different races ? oh BTW - Is there a technical man
> from B5 on the Net whom I may contact about general tech
> stuff....a tech advisor ?

Kosh was right there in the garden when Sheridan fell, so that's
how he got there. And the only tech person on B5 is me.