Joe an atheist?

 Posted on 5/15/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Tom Knudsen <> asks:
> Do you actually find this when you spend time with the folks that
> know you online??

No, it's not that...but in person, I generally tend to be fairly
quiet and reserved, almost verging on shy. In groups I tend to vanish
into the wallpaper. You'll usually find me at the back of the room,
observing. I'm not terribly extraordinary looking, rather average
really, in contrast with what some perceive of me online, as evidenced
by an email note I got just today where someone fancied me a mix of Sam
Kinneson and Sean Connery, based on the messages here and elsewhere.

I can gear it up when I have to go to a convention and perform,
but the rest of the time...I'm nearly invisible. And I mean
*invisible*. As some small proof of this, when I went to my 20th high
school reunion, I knew every face and every name I saw. Out of the
hundreds of people who showed up, two
-- TWO -- vaguely sorta kind remembered me, but that's about it. I
passed through their ranks without leaving even a footprint. This is
the norm, not the exception. Online, I can be Cary Grant...but
offline, closer to Don Knotts.