Re: ATTN JMS: Question about writing

 Posted on 4/17/1996 by to

"When you sit down to write an episode, what form is the initial draft?
Is it
in script format? The reason I ask this, is because I've begun writing
short stories for a comic book, but I've found that when writing the first
draft, writing it in script format takes up too much time and hinders the
creative process of storytelling. It's much easier for me to write in
short-story form, then convert it to a script format. Do you find this a
similar problem or does the conversion from *story* to
*script* take place in your head?"

It pretty much happens in my head. When I sit down to write, I generally
have a good notion on where it's going, some notes on post-its, and from
my overall outline. Then I just open up the script program Movie Master,
which provides the right margins for dialogue and narrative and the like,
and just start writng the actual script. There's no interim level; I
think in script terms.