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 Posted on 3/6/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644@compuserve.com> to CIS

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Let me straighten out two issues.

On the Sinclair issue, I have never, at any time, said that the
change was for ratings. When we decided to make that change, WB
indicated that they'd like the next person in that chair to be more
well-known. We had no problem with that, since we were considering
Bruce at that time, as he was someone with whom both Doug Netter and
John Copeland had worked before, and were nuts about.

Re: Pat Tallman and Lyta...after the pilot, we made an offer to
Pat for the series. This is a matter of public record. Pat can verify
this. (Which right there puts the lie to the statement that WB didn't
want her in the series; we *offered* her the series. We couldn't have
made that offer if WB didn't want her there. Pure and simple.) What
happened thereafter was a comedy of errors, with WB playing tough-guy
with *all* the actors agents, and on the other side Pat getting some
bad advice from a manager just brought on (and subsequently let
go)...so that the deadline passed for an acceptance, and we had to move
on. Pat has said this at cons and online many times over the last
several years, long before we ever contacted her again about doing the
show, so there's no need to take my word for this.