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 Posted on 2/10/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644@compuserve.com> to CIS

Karen E. Bahnsen <102735.3557@compuserve.com> asks:
> Did you see that?!"
> BTW, in DtD, where the camera looks up from G'Kar to see Kosh in
> his encounter suit, does that big sign on the wall behind where
> Kosh was standing say, "WARNING!"?

Yes, the sign does indeed say warning. Look for another sign
right behind somebody at the end of "Severed Dreams."

In defense of Phil...who I have spoken with before, and met
once, and who asked his question in good faith and I kinda handed him
his head...don't take my reaction necessarily as venue to jump on him.
Some days, when I've been working 18 hours straight on the show, I come
across a comment that puts me into Wet Cat mode. That was one. Which
is why I made a point of trying to say that I understand the
question(s), and whence they proceed.

There are a very few flakes and idiots and dangerous loonies
out there in net-land...but Phil isn't one of them. It's the
consistent idiots you have to watch out for.

Re: the discussion group...this is one of the things that I've
decided I'm very proud of, regarding B5. Delenn pointed out that
humans form communities; it's what we do. And a B5 community has
arisen. Fans of the show gather in pizza parlors to watch the show,
set out open invitations for picnics and house parties to catch shows
off the satellite, create discussion groups...form communities. People
have formed lasting friendships, regular pub groups, even gotten
married because of the show.

Others have gotten involved in social work, contributed or
worked for charities, food kitchens, other causes. Decided that their
fates are in their own hands, and been inspired to move across the
country to form new lives and pursue what they *want* to do instead of
what they felt they *had* to do. I hear from them frequently in email,
and in public messages.

I'm very happy about that. If Star Trek's shining element was
that it got people involved in the space program, perhaps B5's shining
element is that it gets people involved in the human program.