I won't be finished writing this...

 Posted on 12/14/1995 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

I won't be finished writing this season's scripts until...right around
the first week in March, give or take. At the end of a season, you generally
get an advance script order while you're waiting around for the official word,
usually for maybe 2 or 3 scripts tops, which comes around early April. The
official writing season starts the day after the formal pickup, which is late

So while the writing goes on to some extent year round, the really
intense period is from June through March. Ten months, or about 42-44 weeks,
so you're looking at one script every ten days to two weeks; we usually like
to start filming with 4-6 finished scripts in-hand so that we have sufficient
lead time to prep.