B5 Book 3: Blood Oath

 Posted on 5/20/1995 by jmsatb5@aol.com to rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated

As stated, all of the B5-related items -- books, comics, merchandise,
you name it -- go through my hands. Usually I have only minor notes; in
some cases, I have more substantive notes. Nobody's fault, it just
happens. When you've got diverse hands tugging the B5 universe in various
directions, sooner or later someone's going to go down the wrong road. It
is my job, and responsibility, to pull it back when that happens. That's
the whole point.

Book #3 had, as stated, gone down some wrong roads, and needed to be
brought back into alignment with the series. I had a substantial number
of notes. Not John's fault, it just Is. Or Was. The revisions required
to bring the book back into line were going to be enough to push back the
publication date by a month or two. Dell wasn't exactly thrilled with
the idea. I insisted. We went back and forth. Finally, the revisions
were implemented. Hence the slight delay. (The revised manuscript has
already come and gone through my office, and been approved, thanks to
John's careful revisions.)

No relation to the other PTEN stuff; this is just jms being a pain in
the ass. But that's part of the process, so that when you see something
with the B5 name on it, you know it's been done reasonably right.