Re: B5's effect on DS9

 Posted on 3/21/1995 by to

I agree that our show isn't a threat to any ST show, though Paramount
has certainly evidenced that it feels that way, from getting Stephen Furst
bumped off the Arsenio Hall show when it was still on because of his B5
connection, to pressuring one of the directors we'd hired (who mainly does
ST episodes) to get out of his contract (which we allowed to keep him out
of trouble), to making a new show called BABYLON which will air on nearly
all the same stations that air Babylon 5, to...well, the list goes on.

We have, apparently, had the effect of changing ST's vow never to do
CGI, and in fact they've hired the same group we use to do some CGI
effects for DS9 (ships and the like).

Glad to see that they are following our lead.