"It seems a certain producer was...

 Posted on 9/11/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

"It seems a certain producer was too busy...to put together a tape for

Now hold on here just one consarned minute...I don't know what was said
at Conadian, by whom, but this ain't the case. I told the programming people
at the con, REPEATEDLY, by email, over a period of about two months, that I
didn't have a tape, and didn't have the capacity to put one together just for
this; said, REPEATEDLY, that I wouldn't be able to attend, nor would anyone
else on the show, due to production schedules.

They knew, WEEKS beforehand, that we would not be able to give them
anything, or be present. If they went ahead and scheduled something anyway,
only to cancel it, that's something *they* have to deal with, it ain't my
fault, and I'm NOT taking the rap for it.