BTW...just thought I'd mention this...over...

 Posted on 8/25/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

BTW...just thought I'd mention this...over the weekend, Claudia Christian
was running in her backyard, and broke her foot in three places. Which led to
a frenzy of rewriting (by me) of the next couple of episodes to work around
it. Was rather complicated by some active things she had to do, but it's all
worked out. Turned in the last draft of a biggie for her, and the stories all
still track. A gentle reminder that actors are people. Claudia actually made
it into the studio today, for one brief scene, with her foot concealed, and
carried on like a real trooper, keeping everyone else's spirits up, since we
were concerned about her. (That's always the way, it seems; you worry more
about the person who got hurt than the person herself does.)