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 Posted on 6/27/1994 by to

Yeah, "Chicken, He Clucked" was one of the most twisted episodes I
wrote for The Real Ghostbussters. Our offices were located near this
place that made broasted chicken, which was itself directly behind, and
just upwind, of an apartment building. I used to pass by this place
every day, thinking about the poor people on the chicken side of the
apartment building, where the smell from chickens broasting wafted in
every day, day after day, seven days a week...and it was *strong* stuff,
let me tell you...which led me to the notion of a guy who lived in just
such an apartment, who is gradually driven stark, staring mad by it, and
makes a deal with the Devil to sell his soul in exchange for getting rid
of all the chickens in the world.

When I turned in the script, one of the two executive producers called
me, said, "You are a sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick man," and hung up.

But we made the episode.