Bab-5..Too good to be true?

 Posted on 12/1/1993 by to

If there's anything about "Midnight" that I would change...ehh...
that's a tough question to ask any producer or writer. I can't think of
anything I've done that I wouldn't want to go back and tweak. The only
real drawback we had was that we were still building sets as we filmed
our first few episodes, so we didn't have access to all of the full range
of sets. Not that we really needed them, the story works fine in the
sets we had, but we could've moved one or two shots around into different
sets just for variety.

But aside from general tweaking, I don't think there's really
anything I'd change in it. My problem is that I'm too close to it, and
there are a number of episodes we shot afterward that blow it right out
of the water in terms of quality, production values and the rest; I'd
have to say that my favorite shows to date, in order, would be The
Parliament of Dreams, Mind War, And the Sky Full of Stars, Soul Hunter,
Born to the Purple, Midnight, Believers, Infection, The War Prayer,
Survivors and Grail. Chrysalis, which we're shooting now, will probably
take over the Favorite #2 spot from Mind War. We're fighting to make
every episode better than the one before it.

We're going to have a brass plaque put up here in the offices one
of these days, before we finish, saying, "If you're not here to kick ass,
get out."