Friday night veg time, *definitely*.

 Posted on 9/29/1993 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Friday night veg time, *definitely*.

Well, we deliver our first final finished totally done episode on about
October 8th. Christopher Franke has some *great* ideas on how to handle the
music, and plans a curious blending of music and sound effects in some places,
plus instruments from other parts of the world not normally heard in the US,
to try and create a "new music" kind of sound.

I'm in the strange position of writing the season end episode now, to
shoot #12, since it's going to require a lot of post production work, and it
definitely puts one in a very strange state of mind. I have to be careful to
refer to things that've happened in the past episodes, from the perspective of
the last episode of the season, but which haven't yet been written or filmed
in real-time. So I'm writing the second half of some stories before having
written the first half (though I obviously know where they're all
going)...which really bends your brain around after a while.

This episode is going to be highly classified; we're going to limit
distribution of scripts, and parts of scripts, put canary traps in all of the
scripts that *are* distributed, and otherwise keep this one quiet. All I can
say is that we're going to kick over every table we've got. In any season
finale, there are maybe 4-5 things you know when you sit down to watch the
show that they'll NEVER ever do. So we're doing all of them. If this one
doesn't keep you glued to your seats, you've lost your chair.

Tomorrow morning I'll get to see an edited version of "Sky," and I can't
wait. I think this one will take over from "Soul Hunter" as our strongest
episode to date.

BTW, for all you who ride the pause button and jack up the stereo volume
(we're doing Dolby Surround, incidentally), I assigned Larry DiTillio to write
a bunch of walla (background dialogue) for the Zocalo, the observation dome,
customs and other areas. Some of it's sane...but the rest...oh, man....