Rob: it makes a difference.

 Posted on 7/8/1993 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Rob: it makes a difference.

We're not changing Londo's hair to make it anything less than what it is.
It'll still be as outrageous as it was in the pilot. What I was referring to
specifically was the way it bunched up at the back of the head, just above the
nape of the neck. What they had done was take a conventional wig and shove
the hair up and lock it into place; in this case, we're stringing a new,
custom wig that will gently come up in the back, as if growing naturally in
that direction. The top part will be the same, it's only a matter of cleaning
up the back, which simply didn't work aesthetically.

Re: episode, episode one is episode one, the pilot was the
pilot. You have to have a clear vernacular. An episode is one hour; the
pilot was a movie. If we'd gone directly into series at that time, then yes,
it would've counted. But since we've had to re-jig some things to accommodate
the transition across time, we're making that distinction.

I don't know how B5 will affect Pat's appearances on DS9/TNG, though I
suspect that that may come to an end. We don't have a problem about it, but I
can't speak for Paramount.

We're making a pretty fair assortment of background Narns, Centauri and
Minbari, in addition to picking a number of other aliens and making multiples
of those. And we're being careful to give them definitely different looks and
personalities. We're finding a lot of room for variation and individuality.