Dan Quayle badmouthing the "elite"...

 Posted on 6/14/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Dan Quayle badmouthing the "elite" ... right ... a sissyfied, pantyassed,
country-club-and-golf-swinging rich daddy's boy who couldn't knot his tie
without an instruction manual and three aides calling somebody ELSE "elite."
Well, at least we all know that "culturalelite" is not one word the way he
says it, but two words. What a waste of genetic material. The man's an
intellectual cul-de-sac and ought to be dropped down a sewer.

It doesn't bother me.

Meanwhile...I think it would be an error to blame the "non-internal-
conflict" mode on the "suits." In the case of TNG, that came straight from
Roddenberry, for instance. It is *still* firm policy that those aboard the
Enterprise cannot _ CANNOT _ have internal doubts or fears.

The execs at Warners never once mentioned anything about that, and have
been unstintingly supportive of the project. Understand: I've now put the
script through 3 drafts, all on my own initiative, and we have not gotten
*one* note from Warners. We had a meeting on the last version, and except for
a thought that it still might be a few pages too long, they had no suggestions
at all. They WANT a different vision, something with teeth. And they've been
endlessly supportive of that.

B5 toys? Well, there's been contact with the licensing people. I sure
hope so, I want some myself.

As for Walter Koenig...I've already asked if he'd be willing to a) write
a script for us (he's done a LOT of TV writing, something not generally
known), b) guest-star in an episode, and c) do a cameo early on with, um, some
other people you'd recognize. (sly smile)

BTW...I've been thinking about it, and what do y'all think of the idea of
a B5 newsletter? Nothing fancy, VERY bare-bones, but just something in
writing that chronicles the inside info, profiles those involved, maybe shows
some of the early designs, that sort of thing? What would be good about that
is that it would thus be accessible to people who don't have a modem...if you
want to turn somebody on to what's going on, you let him know about, or sign
him on for, the newsletter.

Would there be enough interest to support that? I don't know if
contributions should be requested when subscribing, or just send it out
freebie (or if there's enough interest for anyone to want to shell out a
couple bucks for it). I happen to know somebody who does newsletters (hi, you-
know-who), and have been considering hiring her to do the job if there's
enough interest. At this point, probably just one per month to start, maybe
getting fancier as we go.

If it's even a good idea.

What do y'all think?

Oh...and there's a new B5 logo in the works. The more we've looked at
the current version, the more we've thought maybe something else would work
for the show. (We'd still use the old one, but for other purposes.) I gave
Ron a write-up of what I thought would look *really* cool, and he is working
on it now. Just FYI.