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Amy Guskin wrote:
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> > Tonight there was a dinner with Doug, me, Tracy and Bruce, with Peter
> > Woodward scheduled to fly in tomorrow so everybody's here for a couple
> > of pivotal scenes that will cross the two segments. (One aside...Bruce
> > was openly lamenting the small sub-section of british fans -- most of
> > whom we all agreed couldn't be niftier -- who are determined to try and
> > drive a wedge between him and me and the rest of the crew. No sooner
> > was his involvement announced than this same "bunch of whackos" started
> > the same rumors again, including the one where he supposedly burned his
> > crew jacket after the end of B5. Determined to put that to rest, he
> > pulled out all crew coats we made up for him that were personalized by
> > the wardrobe department and -- minus the one that was auctioned for
> > charity at a well publicized convention -- brought them ALL up here to
> > dispel that myth once and for all. So tomorrow we're going to get a
> > picture of him and me, with either all the coats, or at minimum the one
> > the nutcases keep saying he burned, just to put THAT baldfaced lie to
> > bed. The photo will be posted on the nets somewhere soon.)<<
> That's just an _excellent_ way to handle that. Well done, and huge props to
> Bruce for actually bringing all the jackets up to Vancouver!
> And, I'm very glad to hear that things are going well! There are,
> unbelievably, still fans out there on the 'internets' saying "I'll believe it
> when I have the disk in my hand" -- <sheesh!> -- maybe NOW, once this post
> starts getting passed around to the various fan sites, they'll believe it!

It may seem small and unimportant -- as it the case with those who have
been dogging Bruce with this lie for years now -- but when someone is
out there slandering you, and saying things about you that simply
aren't true, when the Big Lie it just perpetuated by people repeating
it, it can scrape a lot over time. Bruce has wanted to put this lie to
rights for a long time now, because it totally distorts his history
with the show.

People seem to have no problem putting the lie out there, it was
important enough for them to spend *years* repeating it and spreading
their venom out there, so taking five seconds to get a photo that puts
these lies to rest and lets Bruce deal with this seems totally