Re: Babylon 5 Scripts Site Nearly Ready, And More!

 Posted on 10/23/2005 by to

Jan wrote:

> I know we've been asking you for all sorts of things to add to the books but
> here's one more...didn't you once say that you'd worked out and written down the
> history and principles of Foundationism and had thought about releasing it?
> These books might be a good place for it?

Still debating it...if we do release the Foundation text, it would be
as a separate thing, because even though it was kind of the background
or...well... foundation for much of the philosophy of B5, it's still
its own separate thing, and I would want to keep the show apart from

> Funny...I was just looking around the archive to try to find the
> post about Foundationism and couldn't locate it. What I *did* find was a post
> from 1998 saying that the first Foundationist meeting would be July 17, 2005.
> Hmmmm...wonder how attendance was.

There was cake, and me and Buddy had great fun.