Re: ATTN JMS: File Sharing, Sci-Fi TV and the art of motorcycle

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>Well, not trying to argue - but just follow-up "questions":
>1) In Canada, most downloading is so far not-illegal, but "grey".

I don't know the Canadian laws well enough to comment intelligently.

>2) There is a large chain of bookstores that encourages people to come
>and sit and read, by putting chairs out all through the store. And
>people do spend hours doing that.

Apples and oranges. Libraries do that as well. The few stores I've heard
about who do that have found it encourages sales, because readers have more of
a chance to decide. So it benefits the writers and publishers. They don't get
to leave with the books they're reading.

>3) What about downloading vs. VCR use?

Again, apples/oranges. If you have it on a VCR, it's because it's been
broadcast to you, and you have your copy, and the system is legal. When you
digitize it and make multiple copies available, then you are no longer keeping
a single record for your archives, you are becoming a distributer without a

>4) What about reform of the current system? (ie: ratings, distribution, etc)

Not only apples/oranges, we've gone out of the produce section
entirely...different matter entirely.


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