Re: attn. JMS: A TV writing question...

 Posted on 6/28/2003 by to

>Hmmm... Do I sense some sort of implied show-business metaphors here?
>Something to do with bloated carnivorous predators or savages with clubs...

Two asides to this discussion...

One, there's a really excellent article by Frank Pierson about the movie and,
by implication, the TV business, at
csz=91423 submit.x=14 submit.y=12

Two, there's a documentary about comics on the history channel that repeats
Sunday at 10 p.m. Pacific...apparently (I haven't seen it yet, just heard about
it) there's some nice stuff about the 9/11 issue of Amazing that I wrote, plus
a bunch of other good stuff about comics as a form.


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