from jms: small virus-related favor

 Posted on 8/29/2001 by to

This repeats a favor I asked about a year or two ago....

A startling number of y'all have my email address in your email address book
(Outlook or some other). Usually it's never even used, most tell me it's just
sorta there if they someday decide to use it.

Just one problem...there are an awful lot of you out there, and when viruses
target email addresses, my mailbox ends up with endless infestations.

The current SirCam virus, for instance, which contains the message "I send you
this file to have your advice," arrives at least 3-7 times per day in my email
box. Invariably from B5 fans who have me in their address book.

Needless to's a pain in the ass.

So my favor...I ain't hard to find, and the email address ain't hard to
remember. If you have my address in your system *please* take it out. It's
getting kind of crowded with viruses over here....


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