Re: BABYLON 5 fading away on SciFi??

 Posted on 8/24/2001 by to

>Could this be the beginning of the end for Babylon 5? After all, they
>have to make room for all those horror movies. We all know what
>hard-core science fiction they are. :-/

About every few months there's a sky-is-falling message like this...the very
simple fact of the matter is that ANY show that is stripped daily for months on
end is going to start to get diminished returns because all the available
audience has seen it. That it has still stayed generally in the top 10 this
long is pretty much of an aberration. The first time we met with SFC they said
they'd put it on until they more or less ran it into the ground, then rest it
for a while.

These aren't new episodes, they're on their, what, twelfth/fifteenth run by
now, all in?

It has no bearing on anything.


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