Re: JMS:WB wont renew B5 licences?

 Posted on 6/5/2001 by to

>I was just over at Precedence ( who make the B5 Card game
>they went to renew there license and got denied "Warner Brothers has
>that they are not renewing ANY Babylon 5 licenses at this time".

There's a difference between not renewing a license and dropping a license. My
suspicion is that they will want to clean the slate in preparation for
Rangers...up until now, everybody's been operating off the license agreements
made during and right after B5...and deals made after B5 were a bit more
generous to the retailers than those made during B5. But with the new project
going ahead, I suspect they'll want to let the current deals expire in
preparation for the new ones under the new title so they can make better deals
(read better as more beneficial to WB).


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