Re: ATTN JMS: SciFi airing B5 movies.

 Posted on 2/16/2001 by to

>My question is, do you have any say in these things? Does it bother you as
>much as it does myself?

No, I have zero input into broadcast schedules. Sometimes it bothers me more
than other times when things get aired out in a whacky order.

>PS - I've been reading "Rising Stars" (up to #10) and "Midnight Nation" (up
>to #5), and I have to applaud you in your work. You've made me interested in
>comics again, something I haven't been since Superman 'died' ten or so years

Thanks. (Yeah, I kinda gave up on Supes for a while after John Byrne got his
hands on him. My Superman went out the door after Alan Moore did "Whatever
Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" which is probably the best book ever written
with that character, and which puts to the lie the assertion that there was
nothing more interesting that could be done with him.)

It's fun playing in this field....

>I can't wait to see what you can do with Spider Man...

I can tell you one small thing...and it's something I won't be pulling out for
a few issues..there's something that nobody's dared to do with the character
before, but which fans have been speculating about and wondering about for over
thirty years. So suffice to say I have something rather major in mind....


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