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>Netter Digital wanted the B5 gig.
>Doug Netter was a producer of B5.
>Netter Digital got the B5 gig.

Not quite true.

The problem we had was that, according to what I was told, the cost was going
up on the CGI, meaning we were going to be able to have *less* CGI per episode,
the shots would have to be less ambitious, there were not going to be ANY
re-dos allowed, and we were going to be assigned trainee animators.

To continue with the deal as it was at that time would be, in my opinion at the
time, to the detriment of the show. There *was* no Netter Digital
Entertainment CGI division in existence at that time. Doug said, in essence,
"We can pull one together to do the work if you think it's a move worth

The ultimate decision was mine, made with WB's approval, to move the CGI work
to Netter's company, which hustled to set up an animation wing to get things

I should point out that I was offered the chance to own a piece of the
animation wing, but on long reflection, I passed, on the theory that if that
decision was to be made, I *had* to make it with clean hands and NO conflict of
interest. So I've never gotten a dime off the animation, and prefer it that


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