UK Showing - ep 517

 Posted on 8/5/1998 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Bancroft Gracey <> asks:
> Quick q's (with a slow answer, I suspect): did you 'see' the
> Lyta/Byron thing back in the beginning? And, given the cast
> changes over the seasons, would it have been Lyta at this point,
> or someone else - a 'revived' Talia, say, or Ivanova?

It's no secret that I would've had Ivanova becoming somewhat
linked to Byron romantically (she would see him as a character like
Marcus, which is why there are certain similarities, and she would take
a chance only to find it wrong this time, underlining that she'd missed
her one major opportunity thus far for a good relationship). This was
expressed to Claudia toward the last part of S4, so she knew at that
time that her latent ability would be coming out, and that she'd have a
big part in S5.

In this scenario, Lyta would have become a devoted follower of
Byron's, much as she has, but it would have been more love from afar:
protective, somewhat unrequited but hoping for that when he
met his fate, Lyta would end up right where she is now, just by a
different road.