Re: JMS: LodesTone President

 Posted on 6/6/1998 by to

>Apparently, your
>online post has become their best advertisement. :)

I live to serve.

>During the course of the conversation, he shared with me that you are an
>extremely pleasant person,

That's it, damn it, I'm suing.

>and that thanks to your order, he himself is
>now a Babylon 5 fan!

Well...okay, then maybe next time....

>Oh, and one more thing, the president says he'd like to hear you scribe
>your own radio program. So, what do you think of the idea?

Love to. I've been asked by the folks at Seeing Ear Theater at the SciFi
channel to do some stuff, that's still in the discussion stages, though.
Beyond that, I'm always interested in doing radio drama.


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