Re: Why doesn't Sheridan warn him?!

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>Why the
>heck doesn't Sheridan try to warn Londo about what he saw??

This comes from not separating out what we the viewers know, from what the
characters know.

What Sheridan knows is that 17 years from now, Londo had something on his
shoulder called a Keeper, which may or may not have a direct connection with
the apparent attack on Centauri Prime by Shadow allies.

What he doesn't know is, did this happen 16 years ago? Or six months ago?
What process led it to happen? What should he be warning Londo *about*? He
saw the result...but what process, what event should he warn Londo about to
avoid this? He doesn't know that the Regent has a keeper, the Regent could be
acting in these ways for his own reasons entirely.

Further, there's a certain trickiness about time stuff. Okay, so he warns
Londo about something he doesn't really understand...does he now change the
future? Does he have someone else other than Londo now on the throne, who
won't spare his and Delenn's lives?

There are too many variables, and not enough actually known by him, to say
anything that would be of any use to anyone.


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