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Robert Holland: my, how venal you get, how you imply and weasel
around the truth. And, frankly, just lie.

"He (Harlan) dislikes fans of any kind. Including his own." This is
an outright fabrication.

I *very* rarely mention stuff for sale on here, except in response
to requests from others. Further, the #1 comment from people is that
they would like more merchandise. Why is there so little? Because for
2 years, I've dragged my heels, resisted and held back on merchandising,
because I don't want it to get out of hand. This is a matter of
longstanding public record. So much for your "sell sell sell" notion.

"I had the impression Ellison's limited-press book wasn't selling
well through regular channels." Impossible, since the book isn't even
on the STANDS yet. Further, one of the reasons for putting the word out
was that they were fast running out of copies...of the 1,000 run limited,
only about 300 remained availabe, and those were gone quickly, so the
limited is sold out. Since most of these were being grabbed up by
collectors and others, none of whom tend to frequent the net, I figured
I'd put the word out to others who might now know before they were all
gone. So, so much for THAT bit of fabrication.

"(Harlan) writes scripts, then takes his name off when he doesn't
like the editing." This is standard WGA policy if a writer feels that
the end result does not reflect his intent, and he doesn't mind burning
the occasional bridge. Where in here is the problem? That's his right.
Same right attendent upon ALL WGA members, and used by many. So what?

"The oddest thing is that Ellison isn't writing any scripts for
B5...he must have some resentment or disagreement with the arc...very,
very strange."

No, there's nothing odd or strange here, except in that venal little
pea-pod you consider your cranial cavity. Harlan is up to his ears in
other work, putting out a monthly comic over which he sees every single
tiny aspect, writing for other shows (including the new anthology cable
series "Hunger," for which series several leading directors are now
vying for his completed script), a bunch of new short stories, getting
the "City" book out the door, getting "Slippage" out the door, getting
through two angioplasties and substantial earthquake damage which caused
personal injuries...AND serving on B5 as consultant.

If he had a problem with anything, he wouldn't keep signing on
every year. On the one hand, you chastize him for taking his name off
projects if they're not to his liking, then assume somehow he's working
on and lending his name to something not of his liking. That you cannot
see the paralogia and fuzzy logic there is breathtaking.

Harlan, in short, has a life.

You may want to consider acquiring one of your own...preferably not
one modeled after the Borgias, which seems your current inclination.