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 Posted on 8/14/1995 by to

To Robert Merritt: I hear your concern. My only thoughts on it,
are that it really isn't a contradiction on Harlan's views on ST, since
it's very vehement about what happened, and why, and includes the text
of the TV Guide piece, so you know right off that it's totally
consistent with his prior statements.

The other thing is the notion of what he's said about people on
the Internet...this has been blown out of proportion. He has been often
and consistently ill-used by some people on the nets who have used this
great technology to put together anti-Ellison groups, to harrass and
chivvy him at every turn; it has led to fax bombs, abusive mail, harmful
rumors, even threats of various sorts, so you can, I think, understand
why his feelings are not bunny-rabbit cute toward us.

At the same time, though, he has never, to my knowledge anyway,
dismissed ALL netters; he's addressed his concerns to the venal and
petty dysfunctional (of which we know a few here in our own neck of the
woods) who *abuse* the technology. Heck, he's even begun diving into
the water lately, doing some on-line conferences to better educate
himself on the process. So I don't think we should take his comments
directed at a portion of the users, and extend them to include everyone
here, because I don't believe that is the intent or purpose of the
message from Harlan. Just a thought for you....