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 Posted on 8/14/1995 by to

Dennis, what the hell is this "abuse of celebrity" you cite here?
And what the hell is with this comparison of murdering people? Are you
seriously equating telling people about Harlan's book with murder? Because
that's what you say in response to Blair's note that it's supportive of a
friend. "So is killing your friend's enemies." That's a horeshit
and inappropriate metaphor, and you've *got* to know that.

And "abusing" celebrity...please define that for me, Dennis, because
I'd like to know, specifically, what we're talking about without resorting
to loaded language and jingoism and catchphrases. My mandate for what to
discuss here is pretty damned broad, from where I sit, and I noted in a
prior note the ways in which this is NOTHING different than what has been
done here before, consistently, in non-directly-B5 related ways.

When it came to keeping out story ideas, rather than moderate this
group, I went to a moderated feed to my mailbox, because I didn't want to
inconvenience this group. I spend *hours* a day here, sometimes as many
as five hours at a shot, over the course of a day, and I don't ask for
squat in return, I don't ask for personal favors except the non-story idea
deal which is professional not personal, I answer *endless* questions
about TV production, and the industry, many of which have NOTHING to do
with B5 except that they're both television media...and you're telling me
that the one time I want to do something for someone who works on this
show, you're gonna bust my chops and accuse me of abusing my position?

I've taken a lot of cheap shots in my time in this forum, but this
one has to take prize. Totally aside from everything noted in the
paragraph immediately preceding this one, there was absolutely NOTHING
unjustified or inappropriate in that message, given what's gone before.

Hell, there have been order forms for the soundtrack posted here,
prices and phone numbers, forms to give to stores to order the comic or
the soundtracks, I look at the message headers and there's someone giving
the ISBN numbers for my prior books which have nothing to do with B5...I
haven't seen anybody say one damned word about any of that. This is
absolutely NO different.

Give me a fucking break already. This is ridiculous.