Re: No JMS for third season of Jerimiah?

 Posted on 7/25/2003 by to

There was a lot in that article on the Pulse that was really badly reported,
things were misphrased, two different sentences were put into one, sections are
wholly's just a train wreck of a piece.

However, even though the article totally misstated the sentence so it didn't
make any sense, the last phrase is correct, in that I have zero desire to
return to a third season of Jeremiah. Showtime was great, no mistake, but MGM
has overall been the most heinous, difficult and intrusive studio I've ever
worked for. I've worked for, and had great relations with, Viacom, Universal,
Warner Bros., and a bunch more. But I will never, ever, work for the present
administration at MGM.

I didn't know why so many other writers had a problem there and never wanted to
go back. Now I do.


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