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Messages for the month of December 1995

12/30/1995 One other aspect I forgot to mention... GENIE
12/29/1995Letter Home from jms
12/29/1995 Let me see if I've got this straight...Executo... GENIE
12/28/1995Kim: this was probably the most... GENIE
12/27/1995The email response I sent is correct,... GENIE
12/27/1995 Thanks. Though I knew about the... GENIE
12/27/1995Rick: exactly. I think the show... GENIE
12/26/1995 Err...I think something may not... GENIE
12/26/1995Mike: suffice to say there are some...interest... GENIE
12/26/1995 Actually, if you want to hold off... GENIE
12/26/1995Re: formula...yes, but remember... GENIE
12/25/1995 Now, kids, play nice.... GENIE
12/24/1995The comment is quite correct; we... GENIE
12/24/1995 Effects shots like this one were/are... GENIE
12/24/1995I guess what amazed me most was... GENIE
12/23/1995 Actually, I always kinda thought... GENIE
12/22/1995Actually, in each TZ season, there... GENIE
12/22/1995 No, the club is designed for both... GENIE
12/22/1995Kwicker & Jose: exactly my point.... GENIE

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