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08/19/1994 JMS: Lose the Hyperion. Bad De
08/19/1994Minbari base eleven includes fingers... GENIE
08/19/1994 Side-note...Londo baring his teeth... GENIE
08/19/1994"Mercy" -- SPOILERS of course
08/19/1994 JMS: Give us a chance!
08/18/1994Well, as of now, every episode of... GENIE
08/18/1994 Minbari use base 11, not base 10,... GENIE
08/18/1994JMS:Mephisto in Space?
08/17/1994 Centauri females, btw, have six... GENIE
08/17/1994I kinda have to be here, in case... GENIE
08/17/1994 The jury system has *not* been abolished.... GENIE
08/17/1994Generally, Psi Corps members often... GENIE
08/17/1994 Question for JMS
08/17/1994JMS lying? (was Re: Voyager Ca
08/17/1994 JMS: Don't do it!!!!!
08/17/1994Weapons are *recessed* into the... GENIE
08/17/1994 The B5 flak jackets which disperse... GENIE
08/17/1994B5 novel #1, figure late November/early... GENIE
08/16/1994 The Hyperion is not typical; it's... GENIE
08/16/1994Hell, I was just suprised that Shawn... GENIE

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