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12/26/1993 It was...and it is. GENIE
12/26/1993Generally speaking, in television,... GENIE
12/26/1993 book?
12/25/1993As I write this, we are now exactly... GENIE
12/25/1993 Yeah, fairly much, as far as it... GENIE
12/25/1993Nope. Not a hallucination. We... GENIE
12/25/1993 For no discernible reason, except... GENIE
12/25/1993Paintings in B5
12/25/1993 No other episodes of B5 have been... GENIE
12/25/1993Londo's people go for jewelry and... GENIE
12/25/1993 I can imagine it because we did... GENIE
12/25/1993Re: B5 FAQL: Babylon 5 Frequen
12/24/1993 Centauri males wear their hair in... GENIE
12/24/1993It speaks in cicada-like chirps... GENIE
12/24/1993 ....courtesy of NyQuil. GENIE
12/24/1993"Babylon Squared" hasn't been filmed... GENIE
12/24/1993 As Walter says in "Mind War," about... GENIE
12/24/1993"Chrysalis" is a JMS script, yes. GENIE
12/24/1993 Re: Cinefantastique Article
12/24/1993(I have no idea what anyone is talking... GENIE

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