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09/23/1993 There's a line of sight display... GENIE
09/23/1993There's a line of sight display... GENIE
09/23/1993 Just to clarify: we'll be delivering... GENIE
09/23/1993Just to clarify: we'll be delivering... GENIE
09/23/1993 "Sky" will air roughly around episode... GENIE
09/23/1993Of course, your solution omits two... GENIE
09/23/1993 There will be merchandising, but... GENIE
09/23/1993Invoke Silence?
09/23/1993 Let me just stick my neck out a... GENIE
09/23/1993We built a full-size cockpit, inside... GENIE
09/23/1993 They were teensy, weensy examples... GENIE
09/22/1993There's variance in the fighters.... GENIE
09/22/1993 We're doing some stuff with newscasts,... GENIE
09/22/1993The EA fighters get generally what... GENIE
09/22/1993 We are shooting in 16:9 aspect ratio,... GENIE
09/22/1993Re: Babylon 5's Emmy award.
09/21/1993 Crossed with Brett. Yes, there's... GENIE
09/21/1993Okay, let me throw the question... GENIE
09/21/1993 One thing about having a career... GENIE
09/21/1993Re: Babylon 5's Emmy award.

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