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01/26/1993 Artisan: I think j.roy's got some... GENIE
01/25/1993(What the hell am I doing up at... GENIE
01/25/1993 Go ahead....YOU tell G'Kar he's... GENIE
01/25/1993I'll ask re: Ron's new stuff. As... GENIE
01/25/1993 Disagreement: the coolest show ever... GENIE
01/25/1993That's actually fairly close to... GENIE
01/25/1993 Don't know if these will ever show... GENIE
01/25/1993I forget...which one of us was wearing... GENIE
01/25/1993 Enough stations *are* airing them... GENIE
01/25/1993Rob: the scenario you posit is a... GENIE
01/25/1993 BTW, I'm giving some thought, since... GENIE
01/25/1993Re: the use of psi's in the judicial... GENIE
01/25/1993 Boy, those time distortion fields... GENIE
01/25/1993Rob: that was very funny stuff.... GENIE
01/25/1993The hardest thing, of course, is... GENIE
01/25/1993 Generally speaking, I agree with... GENIE
01/25/1993Hah! Phooey! Why do you think... GENIE
01/24/1993 inquisitorial... GENIE
01/24/1993If you can find Harpo, we'll book... GENIE

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