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12/29/1992 How do I stay sitting down that... GENIE
12/29/1992No, physical contact is not required.... GENIE
12/29/1992 It may well be adapted to a novel... GENIE
12/29/1992Yes, there is a separate B5 commercial,... GENIE
12/29/1992 Yeah, I caught the referenc to Cavorite... GENIE
12/29/1992The script to the V mini is in my... GENIE
12/28/1992 Yes, you would. Yes, they have... GENIE
12/28/1992Yes, but strong feelings can bleed... GENIE
12/28/1992 It definitely does. And that's... GENIE
12/28/1992Yeah, thanks, if you could tape... GENIE
12/28/1992 Maybe twelve or so. Just for the... GENIE
12/28/1992(the grinding of teeth like tectonic... GENIE
12/28/1992 Eeeek! mean I didn't... GENIE
12/27/1992The most recent M,SW that I wrote... GENIE
12/27/1992 The basic logo is my design. We'd... GENIE
12/27/1992Suffice to say that this is a question... GENIE
12/27/1992 Haven't written any SF novels. ... GENIE
12/27/1992Actually, my percentage of produce... GENIE
12/26/1992 Oh, it turns out, that... GENIE
12/26/1992The last five years, eh? GENIE

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