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12/10/1992 Actually, though his looks seem... GENIE
12/10/1992This discussion seems to be getting... GENIE
12/09/1992 You can have GENIE
12/09/1992Straczynski the Great was Larry... GENIE
12/09/1992 I think I'm about 6'5" in shoes.... GENIE
12/08/1992BTW, speaking of ancient Babylon,... GENIE
12/08/1992 Someone, somewhere (Ron? Mojo?)... GENIE
12/08/'s not walking distance,... GENIE
12/08/1992 It's still the original special.... GENIE
12/08/1992There's a lot that can be said about... GENIE
12/07/1992 Re: language...English is the basic... GENIE
12/07/1992Yes, we're trying to use real stars... GENIE
12/07/1992 Re: Harlan's involvement with the... GENIE
12/06/1992It's Centuari Prime. (In the corridor,... GENIE
12/06/1992 You bring up a good point re: Delenn's... GENIE
12/06/1992I don't know yet what the schedule... GENIE
12/06/1992 Yeah, in general, I'm quite pleased... GENIE
12/06/1992Okay, I finally got the thing to... GENIE
12/05/1992 No, the modem's fine, because it... GENIE
12/05/1992This is an area I've discussed with... GENIE

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