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11/19/1992 Not insofar as I know, no. And... GENIE
11/19/1992Actually, it's Psi as in the Greek... GENIE
11/19/1992 No, I don't think it's unfair, as... GENIE
11/19/1992"Ron has faith in me to represent... GENIE
11/19/1992 The more I've had a chance to think... GENIE
11/18/1992I asked for people to respect a... GENIE
11/18/1992 No, absolutely not...the "ideas... GENIE
11/18/1992Re: the 5 year network... GENIE
11/18/1992 I wonder sometimes if everyone has... GENIE
11/18/1992Yeah, I understand Mojo was either... GENIE
11/17/1992 Ah, can but hope. I'd... GENIE
11/17/1992Is that 9:30 eastern, central or... GENIE
11/17/1992 Yes, nanotech is something I'd like... GENIE
11/16/1992I hope so, but do not as yet know... GENIE
11/16/1992 Marilyn...I just downloaded and... GENIE
11/16/1992Various and sundries to report.... GENIE
11/15/1992 Without question. GENIE
11/15/1992Let's not get too cute here, boys... GENIE
11/15/1992 The long shot of the B5 Garden was... GENIE
11/15/1992Young, feh...some days I feel 90.... GENIE

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