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11/08/1992 Correct. Your eyes are sharp indeed.... GENIE
11/08/1992I don't care about revenge. Not... GENIE
11/08/1992 Actually, there *is* such a logo... GENIE
11/08/1992It's a reference to the Warner Bros.... GENIE
11/08/1992 Regarding the promo...the explosion... GENIE
11/08/1992The character of Laurel Takashima,... GENIE
11/08/1992 Just got in a little while ago from... GENIE
11/05/1992If you are referring to the scene... GENIE
11/05/1992 Don't know if WB will be sending... GENIE
11/05/1992I think I got my figures screwed... GENIE
11/04/1992 Just a follow-up, something I've... GENIE
11/04/1992Sure. Why not? GENIE
11/04/1992 To a large degree, starring/guest-starring... GENIE
11/04/1992There are three phases to the presentation:... GENIE
11/04/1992 Communications will be instantaneous... GENIE
11/03/1992I'm not sure...I *do* know that... GENIE
11/03/1992 Well, you can find a comprehensive... GENIE
11/03/1992That's...well, I can't say that's... GENIE
11/03/1992 To get the ball rolling, here's... GENIE
11/03/1992 Production Designers, Art Directors,... GENIE

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