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05/25/1992 I see no conflict with being able... GENIE
05/24/1992What will happen next year...only... GENIE
05/24/1992 On average, neither TNG nor DS9... GENIE
05/23/1992Long day, so this'll be quick, but... GENIE
05/22/1992 The components are spherical, yes,... GENIE
05/22/1992Quickies: in the Vorlon gif, yes,... GENIE
05/22/1992 To the two questions raised GENIE
05/21/1992Quick aside...if you're going to... GENIE
05/21/1992 Thanks, you're starting... GENIE
05/21/1992Thanks for the thoughts. (And I... GENIE
05/20/1992 The reason that the sections are... GENIE
05/20/1992Yep. The numbers I had for them... GENIE
05/20/1992 I'll talk to Ron, see about a 24-bit... GENIE
05/19/1992The shirts arrived this past Monday,... GENIE
05/19/1992 Mind, this isn't a 24 bit Amiga... GENIE
05/19/1992Well, Katherine, you're always welcome... GENIE
05/19/1992 To avoid charring this topic, I'm... GENIE
05/19/1992Okay, everybody, here's something... GENIE
05/19/1992 The motion tests are *complete*,... GENIE
05/18/1992I hope you're right, Soaron...I... GENIE

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