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Messages for the month of April 1992

04/29/1992 Getting mentions is very tough,... GENIE
04/29/1992Actually, that's been a vital part... GENIE
04/29/1992 Note to myself: talk to some international... GENIE
04/28/1992Just checking in to GENIE
04/27/1992 Yikes, that'll teach me not to log... GENIE
04/27/1992Okay...since SOMEone here is monitoring... GENIE
04/26/1992 Is it still fun? There are moments... GENIE
04/26/1992By the way, appropos of the Creation... GENIE
04/26/1992 Thought is going into the ships,... GENIE
04/26/1992There's a fair amount of the backstory... GENIE
04/25/1992 On continuity: you bet. I'm as... GENIE
04/24/1992To the cross-post...yes, Laurel... GENIE
04/24/1992 There are definitely a lot of areas... GENIE
04/23/1992Dave, if you ordered an XXL, then... GENIE
04/22/1992 The point about (for lack of a better... GENIE
04/22/1992The gesture is appreciated, but... GENIE
04/21/1992 Boy, a lot to cover in just a few... GENIE
04/21/1992About the details...there's just... GENIE
04/20/1992 Always interested in letters for... GENIE
04/20/1992Okay. For the rest...only 3 XLs... GENIE

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