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04/22/1992 The gesture is appreciated, but... GENIE
04/21/1992Boy, a lot to cover in just a few... GENIE
04/21/1992 About the details...there's just... GENIE
04/20/1992Always interested in letters for... GENIE
04/20/1992 Okay. For the rest...only 3 XLs... GENIE
04/20/1992Just a quick response to one point... GENIE
04/19/1992 Jay: damn...I *told* them that the... GENIE
04/19/1992Yes, I definitely intend to hit... GENIE
04/19/1992 Thanks for the support re: the con... GENIE
04/18/1992Understood. Well, we'll stay on... GENIE
04/18/1992 Mt. Joe, thanks for the info. We'll... GENIE
04/18/1992Yes, I was referring to Etc/Etc...a... GENIE
04/18/1992 Ah, Luis, it arrived. Good. Sufficiently... GENIE
04/18/1992Well, excitement galore...and I... GENIE
04/17/1992 I will tell you a true thing: in... GENIE
04/17/1992And spoil the thrill of self-discovery? GENIE
04/16/1992 Boy, but messages fly thick and... GENIE
04/16/1992I think Dabney should get together... GENIE
04/16/1992 Bubble-views (or real ports) ain't... GENIE
04/16/1992Two quickies: GENIE

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