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02/19/1992 Eric: we have to find you a hobby.... GENIE
02/19/1992YAAAGGHHH! (There, I feel much... GENIE
02/14/1992 Well, the big news took several... GENIE
02/13/1992Well, actually, on reflection, there's... GENIE
02/12/1992 Brook...he'd mentioned Conduit to... GENIE
02/11/1992I'm saddened. I'd only corresponded... GENIE
02/10/1992 No, Arne, that was my evil twin... GENIE
02/10/1992I don't think they've yet finalized... GENIE
02/09/1992 Save the wahoos for a while. We... GENIE
02/09/1992Finished with the final cuts/revisions.... GENIE
02/09/1992 Haven't checked out that keyboard... GENIE
02/08/1992Luis: thanks, actually I get the... GENIE
02/08/1992 Make *A* backup? Izz you craaaaaazy?... GENIE
02/08/1992David: thanks! That'll help. GENIE
02/07/1992 By that do you mean who is the casting... GENIE
02/07/1992There's some talk of novelizing... GENIE
02/07/1992 were deadly enemies are in fact... GENIE
02/07/1992 For those who were asking about... GENIE
02/06/1992 I hope to post a full list of stations... GENIE
02/06/1992I hope to post a full list of stations... GENIE

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