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02/02/1992 Two quickies...on the tech of the... GENIE
02/02/1992Whew, that's a lot of comments.... GENIE
02/01/1992 Those stations that agreed to carry... GENIE
02/01/1992Well, then, maybe I'll do both.... GENIE

Messages for the month of January 1992

01/31/1992 Also you're a day early. February... GENIE
01/31/1992Regarding jump-points and how they're... GENIE
01/30/1992 Insofar as we can tell, the EFX... GENIE
01/30/1992B5 doesn't use fusion. It uses... GENIE
01/30/1992 I'm not worried overly about anything... GENIE
01/28/1992 I'm trying to decide if I actually... GENIE
01/27/1992I think someone else here might... GENIE
01/27/1992 Actually, I hadn't yet given the... GENIE
01/26/1992Actually...we're using hand puppets. GENIE
01/26/1992 As stated, the picture of B5 in... GENIE
01/26/1992Actually, Eric, you're right one... GENIE
01/25/1992 Sorry for the absence; was up to... GENIE
01/22/1992B5 is a "hollow-tube" type station,... GENIE
01/22/1992 Yes, the ship arcing away from the... GENIE
01/22/1992Regarding the NewTek B5,... GENIE

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