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Messages for the month of December 1991

12/31/1991 Small typo in the preceding: it... GENIE
12/31/1991Since it is now January 1st, time... GENIE
12/19/1991 Yes, at this stage, we're going... GENIE
12/19/1991Btw...for those who might be interested,... GENIE
12/13/1991 Believe me, I have no patience with... GENIE
12/12/1991Yeah, we're trying to come up with... GENIE
12/11/1991 Two responses: on the input side,... GENIE
12/07/1991Well, the other day I got to see... GENIE
12/04/1991 Well, lemme comment on that. One... GENIE
12/04/1991Hmm...I'd appreciate any more info... GENIE
12/03/1991 I know what happened to B-4. And... GENIE
12/03/1991Thanks to all for the good thoughts.... GENIE
12/03/1991 Thanks. As mentioned, I'll probably... GENIE
12/02/1991Thanks for the vote of confidence.... GENIE

Messages for the month of November 1991

11/24/1991 For those who might be interested,... GENIE
11/23/1991Agree re: female characters. I... GENIE
11/22/1991 There is going to be a VERY strong... GENIE
11/21/1991For those into computer stuff, you... GENIE
11/21/1991 Some other info that I've been cleared... GENIE
11/20/1991Babylon 5 is the name of a particular... GENIE

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