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04/28/1994 On the ships...when Ron was pulling... GENIE
04/27/1994 On the "predictable" argument...I... GENIE
04/27/1994 Re: "Believers" (SPOILERS)
04/27/1994 Re: Enough White Man's SciFi..
04/27/1994 Earth Alliance is a farce
04/27/1994 JMS: Why Vorlons on B5?
04/27/1994 Someone once described Jesuits as... GENIE
04/27/1994 Well, we put the camera in there... GENIE
04/27/1994 Agreed, the pilot movie was much... GENIE
04/26/1994 Boy, you guys are gonna *love* "By... GENIE
04/26/1994 ATTN JMS!
04/26/1994 I've told our people that in season... GENIE
04/26/1994 critters/evolution, was Re: My
04/26/1994 "I'm hoping that Star Trek will... GENIE
04/26/1994 Yeah, I really thought the Space... GENIE
04/26/1994 P.S. "CAUSTICITY??!" GENIE
04/26/1994 Variable settings. GENIE
04/26/1994 (I really love that line....) GENIE
04/26/1994 You enter the docking bay, and the... GENIE
04/26/1994 The female investigator. GENIE