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02/27/1994 Well, it was my thought that there... GENIE
02/27/1994 No, as far as I recall, the company... GENIE
02/26/1994 Oh, there's *lots* more surprises... GENIE
02/26/1994 Sure, I could've gotten them into... GENIE
02/26/1994 They don't. Never said they did.... GENIE
02/26/1994 What's Spoo?
02/26/1994 Nope. GENIE
02/26/1994 Is this 470/13/5? I haven't been... GENIE
02/25/1994 The article is confused; the station... GENIE
02/25/1994 No, I don't think there's a 100%... GENIE
02/25/1994 The article is incorrect; the Kosh/skintab... GENIE
02/25/1994 I don't think that's correct, since... GENIE
02/25/1994 Where is that weapon?
02/25/1994 The problem with "Infection" from... GENIE
02/25/1994 I don't know what happened to the... GENIE
02/25/1994 Comments on "Infection"
02/25/1994 Re: JMS Attn -- Re: Babylon 5
02/25/1994 RE: BTTP and semi-clad women (
02/25/1994 JMS: Some questions
02/25/1994 Re: JMS: "See you next Wednesd